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What is socio-technical security and why should we care?

October 24, 2023|0 Comments

  Socio-technical security is an approach to cybersecurity and information security that recognizes the interplay between social and technical elements in safeguarding systems, networks, and data. It acknowledges that security is not solely a technological [...]

Is there a demand for psychometrics in cybersecurity?

June 19, 2023|0 Comments

(Courtesy of ChatGPT OpenAI) Yes, there is a growing demand for psychometrics in cybersecurity. Psychometrics refers to the field of study that focuses on psychological measurement, assessment, and testing. It involves measuring psychological traits, abilities, [...]

How to catch a spy without discrimination

December 7, 2022|0 Comments

When liaising with those who are responsible for security vetting and background checking prior to the recruitment of personnel who have a special requirement to respect national security, one common thread stands out; much of [...]

Security Threats from the Inside

October 7, 2022|0 Comments

It's shocking how much damage a single employee can cause. We often hear about rogue employees stealing data and threatening a company's safety, but the huge cost to the organization in terms of lost customers [...]

National Information Leakage

October 7, 2022|0 Comments

Imagine this scenario: A dual-nationality police officer lives with his wife and children in one country, while his parents live in another. He’s honest, loyal, and passionate about his job. One morning, the officer receives [...]

Call for Industry Partner

July 15, 2022|0 Comments

We, at Anima People, are paving the way in behavioural science related to security, synchronising technology with human factors and developing innovative products grounded in science that work to solve some of the world's [...]

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