Meet our team

Nadine Michaelides


Nadine Michaelides is a Security and Crime Psychologist. Nadine has extensive experience in security service having worked with the European Union of Cybersecurity (ENISA), police and prison system in the UK, and actively working on evaluating the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness campaigns. Nadine is a cybersecurity subject manner expert and keynote speaker.

Nuha Almaawi


Reza is the Chief Technology Officer at Anima People and candidate on the CDT studying for a doctorate on the Cybersecurity PhD programme at University College London. He specialises in using quantitative methods to approach and prevent risk in security as well as incident response. He has been supporting Anima People for three years.

Dr Ingolf Becker

Non-Executive Director: Academic Advisor

Dr Ingolf Becker is aLecturer in Security and Crime Science in the Department of Security and Crime Science at University College London. He was a part of UCL’s Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber-Security Research (ACE-CSR) and a Principal Investigator at the Research Institute in Socio-Technical Security (RISCS). He currently lead UCL’s part of the 3-year ESPRC project Protecting public-facing professionals and their dependents online (3PO).


Behavioural Scientist Research Assistant, UK

Amana holds an MSc in Work Psychology from Loughborough University, where she developed her skills in data analysis and research methodologies. With a deep interest in technology and it’s impact on cybersecurity, she offers valuable insights to enhance security practices. Her passion for innovation drives her to collaborate with the team in developing effective and cutting-edge security measures.