Changing behaviour requires a change in perspective.

Virtual Reality offers a safe place to learn and practice new cyber secure skills.

The metaverse is the playground where immersive security becomes reality.

Enjoy a new secure reality with your people.

Virtual reality training enables your people to learn and practice new behaviours in a safe environment, as well as stimulating the imagination and providing an exciting immersive experience to translate into new safe realities.

All too often employees are subjected to irrelevant and dull, generic training and awareness materials that best inform Them of what they should be doing to be secure. Generic videos, or rather training, materials, fail to involve, or better, yet, inspire people to understand why it’s important to adopt new secure behaviours, and what it means for them and the organisation they work for.

Just by putting on a headset, the employee is excited to be participating in an immersive experience, further stimulating, dopamine and reward mechanisms, enabling a commitment to learning that wouldn’t otherwise be present. Furthermore, training is not compromised by employees who multitask or procrastinate due to conflicting responsibilities or workload pressures. With virtual reality and the meta verse, they are consumed by a world that is created to match their expectations, as well as prompts learning and an intrinsic motivation towards security.

Please contact us to discuss how you can transform your reality into a secure environment through virtual reality and the metaverse.