Psychometrics and Human Factors’ Needs Assessments

pAth HF Security Risk Monitoring

Uses situational judgement tests to monitor and measure predicted security behaviours in the workforce.

pAth+ Candidate Character Security Assessment

Candidates are evaluated using psychometrics including personality traits, values, attitudes, and other psychological, cultural and social factors.

Training Needs Analysis

Understand the knowledge vulnerabilities within your organisation so that you can target the right people with the right initiative.

HF Incident Assessment

Assessments with the suspected insider and colleagues to gather intelligence and Identify precipitating events that contributed towards the incident.

Insider Risk Assessment

A plan to monitor, detect, and respond to potential and active threats.

Security Champion Assessment

Identify your Security Champions of tomorrow who will help create a security culture.

Security Awareness Campaign Evaluation

Measure the success of your awareness campaigns through behavioural metrics. Employees are measured for their attitudes, awareness and behaviours pre and post campaign, as well as feedback obtained.

Security Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Understand your promoters from your detractors.

Security Culture Assessment

A survey evaluating the psychological and social aspects of your employees that drive security behaviour.

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