PsycSec is a security engagement and awareness platform that uses human intelligence data, using psychometrics, to measurably reduce organizations’ risk of internal and external security breaches and, through AI, and an intelligence powered LMS, provides security teams with customised measures to mitigate risk. Intelligence First.

♦ AI-powered recommendations
♦ Intelligence first. Training only when needed
♦ Insider Threat Intelligence
♦ Access to HR data you need to protect from insider threat


PsycSec can help you to:

  • Measure the impact of their initiatives on behaviour change and attitudes towards and campaigns security
  • Measure the security culture maturity of your organisation
  • Monitor and manage insider risk
  • Identify security promoters and detractors objectively to assist with ambassador and champion programmes
  • Training needs analysis to remove the need for generic training
  • Identify high risk areas of the business in terms of human factors vulnerability
  • Measure whether your workforce perceive security teams offer a service that meets their expectations (net promotor score)
  • Recruit for Security Values