We’ve taken our bestselling behavioural science methods and metrics that we have used globally and combined them into a Human Risk Program (HRP) that takes a scientific approach using socio-technical and psychological methodology to offer you a comprehensive collection of principles, actions, objectives and outcomes established with the long-term goal of behaviour change and employee engagement.


The HRP program highlights the  organization’s strengths, identifies the most significant human factors vulnerabilities, and provides actionable recommendations for improving & mitigating these risks, implementing measures that can strengthen the organization’s overall security posture and protect against threat.


We understand that it can be confusing in selecting appropriate awareness solutions that reflect the needs of your people, and so we have combined a synchronised program that brings these solutions together under one roof and maximises the return on investment by using real data to understand where your vulnerabilities lie, and measure the effectiveness and impact of the solutions you use in facilitating long-term behaviour change.


This program is adaptable to your organisation’s needs and can include:
The Human Risk Assessment (HRA)
Policy & Governance Development & Review

Insider Threat Program (ITP)

Training and Awareness recommendations and interventions


Anima People adopts a holistic approach to security and helps protect an organisation’s best assets  using intelligence and insights, including cultural and psychological assessments as part of the HRP, in the management of human-related risk in the prevention cybersecurity incidents.


Our vision is to build resilience from within organisations globally to help tackle cybersecurity threat and our clients have included the European Agency Agency of Cybersecurity (ENISA) as well as security  agencies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Anima People is motivated by employees, and we believe security starts with them. While other ‘solutions’  assume they are committed and motivated towards protecting the organisation from harm, and only  measure behaviour anomalies, or provide superficial metrics such as compliance rates and phishing metrics, we work to prevent counterproductive  behaviour through understanding employees’ values and motivations, right from the recruitment and  selection stage in the prevention of counterproductive behaviour and security incidents.


We help organizations to adopt a socio-technical approach and ensure the solutions they have in place or are looking to purchase reflect the needs of their organization.


Let us help you piece the puzzle together.


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