Table top C-Suite CybersecurityTable-Top Exercises


We have found that C-Suite sometimes need to understand the importance of security, and how their role can influence a positive security culture.

We conduct exercises to include the following topics:

•Managing change and uncertainty effectively and not letting it paralyse your organisation

•How to identify and manage insider threat in your teams

•Why being a security role model is critical to building resilience

•The elephant in the room – assessing your risk of falling victim to espionage or insider threat

•What lurks beneath and what you don’t know and how to find out

•Psychological indicators of insider threat and how to know if your colleagues and employees may be compromising on your business

•How to identify the intelligence and intellectual property worth keeping

•Remaining ahead of the competition and not letting valuable information seep through the floor and into the competition’s laps

•Understanding the human factors vulnerabilities of your supply chain

•Why employee engagement and culture prevents catastrophe

•Why ticking regulation boxes doesn’t help create a wall of defence

•Why working across teams reveals critical intelligence that can protect you

•A market for lemons and understanding the difference between gold and brass in security solutions

•Why metrics can change the world, and how to utilise them within your organisation

•Communicating security to inspire intrinsic motivation

•Recruiting for security values in building a resilient workforce

•Why you need a Security Ambassador’s programme

•Incentivising people to build a security culture