Based in the UK and Sweden, Anima People evaluates your workforce to identify counterproductive behaviours and human risk before they develop into dangerous cyber threat behaviours.


Our mission is to counteract human-centered Insider Risk to secure organisations from reputational and financial damage.

We strive to grow our business with the same authenticity and integrity we use to develop our products. We believe by humanising security, we can create a more trustworthy world.


Our vision is to provide organisations with the tools they need to recruit and retain trustworthy people to foster a secure world.

Company History

Anima People began in 2015 as a communications consultancy that focused on employee engagement and facilitating behaviour change required in response to major technological transformation. Their work with the European Agency of Cybersecurity (ENISA) put the problem of cybersecurity on the agenda and Anima People developed metrics that would later help assess behaviour change in relation to cybersecurity campaigns.

In 2021 Anima People set up in Sweden and focused on the cybersecurity sector as one of the major challenges Anima People face is behaviour change and adopting cyber-conducive behaviours. Research at UCL demonstrated some interesting barriers to motivation, and tools were developed to understand these. Insider Risk metrics were born and now companies all over the world can benefit from early detection and human factors intelligence to help secure their organisations from harm.

Motivation comes from within — and we’re here to help you activate it.