Are you struggling to make new habits stick? Traditional techniques like communications, training, and nudges often fall short. Our team at Anima People uses people-centered methodologies grounded in behavioural science to make behavior change feel natural and become second nature.

We prioritize specific employee groups and behaviors by determining which business objectives can only be achieved through behavior change. Our insights and pattern recognition reveal which changes will have the most impact. But we don’t stop there.

PsycSec helps identify pivotal occasions where choosing a specific cybersecurity behaviour is crucial but competing factors make it difficult to take the desired action. Working with you, we design a roadmap to establish cybersecurity behaviour change enablers and address friction.

Enlisting team members as co-creators of solutions imparts a sense of ownership, building commitment to and excitement about practicing the new behaviors.

Our approach combines personal agency and self-development with team-based support to accelerate change. Say goodbye to failed attempts at behavior change and hello to a new way of thinking. Contact us to learn more.

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