The team at Anima People are thrilled to have won this prestigious award.

Thanks you to all those that have supported us over the years…

Thank you for this award and for your hard work and dedication to supporting women in cybersecurity. My dream is that women represent half of all leadership in security, duly paid, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience from multiple backgrounds and disciplines.

Thank you to University College London and my supervisors Ingolf Becker and Angela Sasse (also at Rur university) for supporting me to challenge the status quo in helping organisations like yours to build resilience from within by nurturing your best assets, your people.

I also wish to thank Paul Leach, Head of Human Factors at the RSSB for mentoring me as an organisational psychologist over the years and seeing my vision as to how apply organisational psychology theory to cybersecurity solutions using metrics.

Too many women in this industry are not suitably rewarded for the effort they put in every day to broadening the minds of stale security thinking processes based on policies and regulation that completely miss the point. I would like to dedicate this award to them as well as all those who have supported Anima People through thick and thin over the years.

Let their light shine on and ‘carpe diem’!”

Watch the full improv speech in Cologne airport in the rain (stuck due to transport issues) here!

Thank you to these superstars…
Amana Imthiyaz Ingolf Becker M. Angela Sasse Paul Leach Kim Hudson LeetNuha M. T. Almaawi Daeun Lee And to our industry and academic supporters Dr Louise O Hagan Marianne Rilde Björkman
Philip Winstanley Nandita B. Ayse Vlok Lisa Kubicki Julie Haney just to name a few!!!

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