We protect organisations’ best assets objectively with confidence by leveraging our cutting-edge psychometrics to identify and manage human factors risk in the prevention of cybersecurity incidents.

Psychometrics can help you to:

  • Measure the impact of their initiatives on behaviour change and attitudes towards and campaigns security
  • Measure the security culture maturity of your organisation
  • Monitor and manage insider risk
  • Identify security promoters and detractors objectively to assist with ambassador and champion programmes
  • Training needs analysis to remove the need for generic training
  • Identify high risk areas of the business in terms of human factors vulnerability
  • Measure whether your workforce perceive security teams offer a service that meets their expectations (net promotor score)

What benefits can human factors data bring to you?

  • Comprehensive risk identification before it becomes risky behaviour
  • Proactive risk mitigation using a database of measures enabling you to target interventions to the right people at the right time
  • Metrics that provide real evidence of the effectiveness of your awareness initiatives, beyond phishing simulations
  • Improved incident response and recovery as you will retrospectively be able to looks for human factors vulnerabilities and mitigate against future attacks
  • Improved security posture with fewer false positives
  • Gold standard compliance and regulatory requirements – be better than your competitors
  • Enhanced organizational culture and resilience – recruiting and retaining for security values
  • Cost savings – less training and more insights